What’s the difference between a Prenuptial Agreement and a Cohabitation Agreement?

A Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement made before marriage usually to resolve issues of support and property division if the marriage ends in divorce or death. It can be entered into in contemplation of marriage but it is unenforceable until after the marriage. A Cohabitation Agreement is an agreement outlining the property and financial arrangements […]


How does independent legal advice (“ILA”) work and what does it cost?

ILA is more than a lawyer witnessing your signature; it’s necessary to meet the legal requirements for a valid agreement when couples are separating, divorcing, or starting out. Your lawyer will review your agreement and your situation with you, ask how the agreement was negotiated, and review what financial information was exchanged. Your lawyer will […]


My spouse and I have made a Separation Agreement. Do we need to file the written agreement with the Court for it to be binding?

No. An agreement is binding provided that it was entered into voluntarily, with a full exchange of financial information and with independent legal advice. Having said that, agreements often contain clauses dealing with matters that must be put before the Court in order to finalize a divorce, such as matters dealing with the support and […]