When I’m acting as a personal representative (executor), do I need to be in contact with the beneficiaries?

While clear and regular communication with beneficiaries is always a good idea, it is also a requirement. At minimum, you are required to notify the beneficiaries of the following information: the name of the deceased person, your name and contact information, the gift the beneficiary will receive from the estate, and that gifts are subject […]


Ask an Expert: My mother just passed away and I am the executor or personal representative named in her will. Do I have to meet with a lawyer right away?

You are certainly welcome to meet with a lawyer to discuss your responsibilities, and whether you wish to assume that role, at any time. Having said that, so long as any urgent matters, like ensuring property is secure and that it will remain insured, have been taken care of, the rest of the estate administration […]


Ask an Expert: Are you the executor of an estate containing firearms?

The executor, or personal representative, is responsible to ensure that all firearms are stored legally or are properly disposed of reasonably quickly. If the firearms are unwanted, the executor may sell them to a licensed purchaser, lawfully deactivate the firearms, or surrender them to a police or firearms officer, after making arrangements to do so. […]