Ask an Expert: My ex-spouse and I do not communicate very well right now and use email to talk about our kids, but the emails seem so nasty. What can I do?

First, take a breath! Resist the temptation to respond immediately. Take the time to consider whether you need to respond at all, and if you do, consider trying a BIFF Response. This approach, developed by the High Conflict Institute, recommends being brief, informative, friendly, and firm. Keep it short and resist getting personal. Stick to […]


Ask an Expert: What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a respectful process for resolving conflict, with the help of specially trained lawyers and other professionals, without going to court. Each spouse is represented by his or her own lawyer from start to finish, with the additional support of helping and financial professionals as required. The spouses and professionals work cooperatively to […]


Ask an Expert: How can the Collaborative Process work if my spouse and I don’t agree or trust each other?

Many people believe that the Collaborative Process works only for those who are amicable and who agree on almost all issues. In fact, this process is ideal for those cases where communication has broken down, where trust is low and where many issues remain to be resolved. Coming to agreement when people look at things […]