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When a relationship experiences difficulties, it can be a very challenging and emotional time. Getting reasonable and accurate advice can go a long way toward diffusing some of the stress partners experience and helping them work toward a realistic and appropriate resolution.

If you wish to resolve your differences without resorting to expensive and stressful court proceedings, our firm would be happy to assist you with obtaining your divorce and creating a lasting resolution to your issues.

We will gather information and we will listen to what is important to you.  We will help prepare you to make the key decisions affecting your family’s future by taking time to explain resources, to give advice, and to explore options with you.  Whether you are looking to get divorced or are newly separated, we are here to give you valuable insight into the ways you may approach creating your new way forward.

When you know what you need to do, we can also assist you with drafting an agreement, preparing and filing divorce documents, and putting your agreement into action, like assisting with a house transfer and refinancing.

We can also provide independent legal advice on the terms of legal agreements dealing with separation matters, including parenting, financial support, and property allocation.

Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to learn more about the applicable law and the options available to you.  We will do our best to provide useful, practical information and advice.

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