January is International Child-Centred Divorce Month

A child psychologist wisely said that “children are like wet cement.  Everything that falls on them leaves an impression.” This reminds us that while a divorce is an ending of a marriage between two adults, it is not the end of the family relationship, nor is it possible for children to be unaffected. Divorce, like […]


When I’m acting as a personal representative (executor), do I need to be in contact with the beneficiaries?

While clear and regular communication with beneficiaries is always a good idea, it is also a requirement. At minimum, you are required to notify the beneficiaries of the following information: the name of the deceased person, your name and contact information, the gift the beneficiary will receive from the estate, and that gifts are subject […]


Ask an Expert: What is my lawyer’s role when helping me finalize an agreement that has been prepared by my ex-spouse and myself?

Once an agreement has been drafted and is in the appropriate legal format, each of you need to see a lawyer to review your rights, your obligations, and the terms of your agreement. Before signing the certificate of independent legal advice attached to the agreement, which helps protect the agreement from later challenges, your lawyer […]