Collaborative Divorce

January is International Child-Centred Divorce Month

A child psychologist wisely said that “children are like wet cement.  Everything that falls on them leaves an impression.” This reminds us that while a divorce is an ending of a marriage between two adults, it is not the end of the family relationship, nor is it possible for children to be unaffected. Divorce, like […]


How is property divided in a divorce?

There is a presumption that all property accumulated during a marriage, whether in sole or joint names, is divisible on divorce.  However, as is so often the case, there are exceptions, including for property owned before marriage or received by gift or inheritance during the relationship. When property that is otherwise exempt from division is […]


My divorce is simple. Can I do it by myself?

If you and your spouse have equal incomes, no children and no property to divide, with some time and patience you can do it yourself. If otherwise, there are most likely issues that are legally and financially complicated. There will be issues that you didn’t even know you have to resolve. As the saying goes […]