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What is sole custody and what is shared parenting?

In making a parenting plan, consider two things: how will the authority to make parenting decisions be shared and how will the children spend time with each parent? Sole custody is rare and refers to one parent having sole authority to make major decisions. Joint custody, the more common scenario, means both parents share that […]


How is property divided in a divorce?

There is a presumption that all property accumulated during a marriage, whether in sole or joint names, is divisible on divorce.  However, as is so often the case, there are exceptions, including for property owned before marriage or received by gift or inheritance during the relationship. When property that is otherwise exempt from division is […]


How does independent legal advice (“ILA”) work and what does it cost?

ILA is more than a lawyer witnessing your signature; it’s necessary to meet the legal requirements for a valid agreement when couples are separating, divorcing, or starting out. Your lawyer will review your agreement and your situation with you, ask how the agreement was negotiated, and review what financial information was exchanged. Your lawyer will […]