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Should I maintain separate bank accounts or have joint bank accounts with my partner?

This is often discussed and is a really a matter of personal preference. However, before making your choice, make sure you are informed with accurate information and think about your objectives in having separate or joint accounts. If partners wish to maintain financial independence from one another, for example, simply keeping accounts in sole names […]


My spouse and I have separated and are in agreement on how we will deal with our assets and cash flow. Should I go ahead and put an offer on a new home?

We often receive calls from people in a time crunch: they have separated, agreed on a resolution, and placed an offer on a new home – only to learn from their bank that a new mortgage is not possible until a formal separation agreement is in place. Even if you and your ex-spouse agree on […]


My partner and I are not married and each of us had assets before we moved in together. How do I protect them?

With a new year dawning, thoughts often turn to organization. One of the things that should be on your to do list is entering into a Cohabitation Agreement. The law in Alberta right now treats married and unmarried couples differently. This document allows you and your partner to set out your understanding about what should […]